Modernizing and Personalizing Online Experiences

The Human-Centered Design

A leading film distribution company in India with 500 theatres and over 70 million visitors needed to adapt with changing user needs. We helped the company transform its digital strategy and deliver more intuitive and personalized experiences through innovative design and development.


The Brief

The company needed help in transforming their business by delivering personalized user experiences. They wanted to keep the customer informed on the relevant, latest, and upcoming movie releases and provide them a means for sharing information.

The Challenge

With a multi-cultural user base spread across the country, it was a challenging experience to create and curate content specific to the locale. Redesigning and optimizing the existing framework to a more organized structure for enabling categorization of movie genres, show times, and locations was another big challenge.

The Solution

Seraro developed a more customer-centric platform based on the user’s location and preferences. This enabled customers to stay updated on the latest developments in and around their locality and share the information over social media. We also developed an analytics dashboard that recorded and tracked user engagements to optimize business strategies. The whole experience was customized using saved preferences, which simplified user interactions – and ensured faster decisions making.



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