Revamping the User Experience for a Global Travel Brand

With Teamwork Anything Is Possible

In the cutthroat world of online travel bookings, a web presence that meets global benchmarks is key to achieving any measure of success. One of the world’s largest travel websites, which holds a staggering 47% of India’s market share, was looking to revamp their online booking portals with a more flexible and relevant back-end interface, while improving the user’s digital experience.


The Brief

We were asked to improve page load times and usability at both the front-end and back-end of a global travel & hospitality booking portal, without causing significant downtime.

The Challenge

Outdated site design impacted the user experience, while offering poor scalability and flexibility on the back-end. Data input on the back-end relied on time-consuming editing processes. The client’s home-grown page generator was slow to update and display edited content.

The Solution

To begin with, we overhauled the client’s existing system and deployed a CMS that offered user-friendly navigation interfaces and more flexibility when modifying page generator logic. We also retooled their page generator algorithm to post SEO-friendly content and real-time pricing updates, while streamlining their automated publishing processes. Simultaneously, we embedded an RDF-an implementation to better capture reviews and address breadcrumbs. 
Not only did this engagement improve the overall UI for both consumers and employees, but it also reduced page loading times to less than 1 second.